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High Availability and Replication


With the rapid pace at which business is now being performed, companies can no longer afford the setbacks of downtime.

Cloud technologies present a plethora of affordable High Availability (HA) options for companies of all sizes, and iInTheCloud’s premium High Availability Software as a Service (HA SaaS) solutions are an affordable way to ensure consistent IT performance. By hosting data and business critical applications on a machine at our data center, iInTheCloud matches solutions to fit your specific business needs, including High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and remote backup of your data to our own cloud data center.

iInTheCloud solutions HA SaaS offering:

With the ability to replicate your system’s data to a partitioned IBM i server at our data center, your company can gain access to a High Availability (HA) solution – complete with specialized management – while reducing capital expenditures. Our cloud based HA solutions allow companies to switch processing to our data center quickly in the event of a failure. With our High Availability SaaS solutions, your company will be able to:

  • Reduce Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to minutes rather than days
  • Gain peace of mind knowing critical business data is held securely off-site and kept up-to-date in real time
  • Obtain premium management by our certified, knowledgeable staff
  • Expand options for managed backup without impacting live system availability or performance

Want to replicate but don’t have a second machine? Our High Availability SaaS offers a solution that’s easy to implement to save company budgets, time, and labor.